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Michael is a composer and has premiered his own works including songs from The Raven song cycle he composed with words by Edgar Allan Poe, and "A Red, Red Rose" with words by Robert Burns. In 2016, he has premiered three movements from his Requiem with the Voices of Silicon Valley. He has also had the fortune of working with Simonetta Pacek in her 2012 premiere of his song "Im Abendrot" with words by Joseph von Eichendorff. Later In 2012 he wrote a piece with text found on a bathroom stall in Wilson Hall at North Park University that was premiered by Josh Pritchett, and was asked to arrange the Wexford Carol for Baritone Nicholas Shelton, and Pablo Neruda's text "If You Forget Me" for Paul Bork. Later he was asked to set another Neruda text by Audra DiGerlando and Ana Santamaria, and it was premiered on their Undergraduate Recital.

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The Voices of Silicon Valley perform works from Michael's Requiem premieres in 2016.

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oh, tendre nostalgie
My Beloved

"The Most Astounding Fact "

Michael Orlinsky sings and Terree Shofner-Emrich plays Michael Orlinsky's setting of Neil DeGrasse Tyson's response to an interviewer when asked "What is the Most Astounding Fact you can share with us about the Universe?" This was done at a Student Recital at North Park University.
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"The Serenity Prayer "

Michael performs his original composition with text by Reinhold Niehbur. This was a recital with North Park University.
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Michael Orlinsky Compositional Recital

These are premieres from Michael Orlinsky's Compositional Recital August 25th at Grace Episcopal Church in the South Loop of Chicago.

L'etranger - Emma Bonanno
Der Schiffer - Emma Bonanno
On the Corner of Atwood and Bates - Emma Bonanno

An Evening With Eichendorff -Alexis Bloom

Daffodils - Elizabeth Shuman
Lullaby for an Infant Chief - Elizabeth Shuman
Ballad for Queen Eleanor - Tom McNichols
Five Settings of William Carlos-Williams Poetry - Tom McNichols

"Abu Ben Adam" with Main Street Opera

Michael performs his original composition with text by James Henry Leigh Hunt. This was a concert for the Senior Community "The Moorings".
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A Red, Red Rose

Michael Orlinsky and Marek Rachelski performing Michael's composition "A Red, Red Rose" with text by Robert Burns. This was done at a meeting for the Polish Arts Club as a part of Michael winning their 2014 Music Scholarship.
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A Park in the City

Josh Pritchett, tenor, and Terree Shofner-Emrich, piano, premiere Michael Orlinsky's "A Park in the City" with an anonymous text that Josh and Michael had found on a bathroom stall at North Park University. This was performed at North Park University during an Art Song Recital Class.
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Im Abendrot

Simonetta Pacek, soprano, and Jason Nelson, piano, premiere Michael Orlinsky's "Im Abendrot" with text by Joseph von Eichendorff. This was performed at North Park University during a General Recital.
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The Raven

These are four of eleven songs from Michael Orlinsky's "The Raven" with words by Edgar Allan Poe. The performance took place during Michael's Senior Recital at the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 2011.

Dozing in my Chamber
'Tis Some Visitor
Looking in to Darkness
A Gallant Effort