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North Park University Student Recital

Michael performed during a Student Recital with North Park University.

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"The Most Astounding Fact
"Let Beauty Awake" from Songs of Travel (Vaughan Williams)
Serenity Prayer

Rejoice in the Lamb

Michael Orlinsky sang the solo from Britten's Rejoice in the Lamb with The North Shore Choral Soceity's concert "Rejoice" with David Schrader at the organ.
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For "H" is a Spirit

North Park University Performance Awards 2013

Michael is singing The Wolf's Aria from Jonathan Stinson's The Knightly News and "Bella Siccome un Angelo" from Donizetti's Don Pasquale. This was for the Preliminaries in the 2013 Performance Awards at North Pak University.
The Wolf's Aria
Bella Siccome un Angelo

OperaWorks 2011

This is from the first and last week of the OperaWorks program. Come Paride Vezzoso is the before picture and The Ballade of Queen Mab is the after picture from the program.
Come Paride Vezzoso
Mab, la reine de mensonges

Jessica Moral Orchestral Recital

This was the first of a night of orchestral operatic arias produced by Jessica Moral. Michael opened the concert with the "Catalogue Aria" from Mozart's Don Giovanni. In this Aria, Leporello, is showing the persistent Donna Elvira a catalogue of all of the different women that Don Giovanni has encountered.
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Madamina, Il catalogue e questo

Brian Myer's A Red, Red Rose

This song cycle was written by a good friend of Michael's, Brian Myer. He wrote this song for Amanda Mura and Michael premiered the Baritone Solo found inside the song.
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Opera Las Vegas

Michael is singing a duet from Don Giovanni in this program for Opera Las Vegas in which he is Don Giovanni trying to seduce Zerlina. Within the context of the show Michael and Athena Mertes are colleagues who are rehearsing this scene on someone else's time with someone else's props. Then, Michael sings the famous Drinking song from Hamlet as an "Audition Piece"
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La ci darem la mano
O vin, dissipe la tristesse

2011 Senior Recital

These videos are from Michael Orlinsky's (formerly Elliot) Senior Recital done in the Spring of 2011. He was studying with Dr. Alfonse Anderson and this recital was a partial fulfillment of his Degree in Vocal Performance. The music has been tied together through a story written by Michael about a young Vagabond who is tempted by domestication after he has a child. The story can be followed with the videos click here.


Francesco Paolo Tosti


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Il pescatore canta
'A Vucchella
Addio, Fanciulla


Franz Schubert


Der Lindenbaum from "Winterreise"
Der Müller und der Bach from "Die Schöne Mullerin"


George Frederich Handel


Affanni del pensier from "Ottone"


Francis Poulenc


Le Bestiare


Claude Debussy


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George Gershwin


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A Woman is a Sometime Thing from "Porgy and Bess"


Franz Schubert


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Marylou Helix's The Servant Soldier

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I have told you the plans
I come to the garden

UNLV Choral Ensemble's Opulent Operetta's

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Sir Joseph Porter K.C.B.'s entrance

2010 The Old Maid And The Thief

If you think you have ever appreciated opera then this is something you will not want to miss. A young singer in town named Michael Elliot is producing his version of Gian-Carlo Menotti’s opera The Old Maid and the Thief. This terrific one act opera is highly accessible to many crowds as it is in English and contains most of the aspects you might find in a musical. The opera is 50 minutes long and is filled with comedy, mischief, and some very beautiful moments.

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Overture in to Scene 1
Scenes 2 & 3
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Scenes 4 & 5
Scene 6/Steal Me Sweet Thief
Scene 7
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Scene 8/When The Air Sings of Summer
End Of Scene 8 & 9
Scene 10
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Scene 11 & 12
Scene 13
Scene 14 & Curtain Call

2009 Junior Recital

These videos are from Michael Elliot's Junior Recital in the spring of 2009. The first song "Generoso Chi Sol Brama" is from a Handel opera called Scipione. "Gute Nacht", "Gefrorne Tranen", and "Die Krahe" are from Schubert's "Winterreise". The two French songs are a song set by Ravel set to poems by Clement Marot, and the last song is a segment from "Carousel" by Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Generoso Chi Sol Brama
Gute Nacht
Gefrorne Tränen
Die Krähe
D’anne jouant l’espinette
D’anne qui jecta de la niege
Soliloquy from Carousel