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The Vagabond Father 5-3-11

1. (Young Love) We are introduced to a young vagabond who has been working as a fisherman in a small town, for a short time. (Il pescatore canta) While working, He notices a woman standing on the shore and sings sweet songs to her from his boat. (Ideale) She returns for this serenade for days, but will leave before he arrives back to shore. Gradually, he possesses her heart. They share a short romance, (‘A Vucchella) and then the vagabond’s longing calls him back to the open sea… (Addio, Fanciulla)

2. (Contemplation) While traveling he receives news that Lenore bore a child by him, and wishes for him to return and raise the child with her. She informs him that she is sick and cannot raise him alone. He decides to return to the tree where they spent so many days together for contemplation. (Der Lindenbaum)Here, his thoughts collect as he reflects on his life as it was and as it must be now that he will become a father. He returns to Lenore and falls in love with her all over again, but there are complications with Lenore during labor. The boy survives but the mother does not. (Der Muller und der bach)

3. (Lament) Following her death the vagabond is sitting in the study of his home. The child is peacefully sleeping in the next room while the vagabond hasn’t slept for days. He finally starts to doze when… (Dozing in my Chamber) ..There is a knocking. He checks the door and there is no one there.. (‘Tis Some Visitor) …only darkness. (Looking in to the darkness) After investigation he discovers it to be a raven that speaks Lenore’s name, as if to taunt him for his past when he left her. In a fury he demands that the raven explain. (A Gallant Effort)

4. (Guilt) The vagabond feels incredible remorse for leaving Lenore. After she passed, he experienced a deep depression and is riddled with painful thoughts. (Affanni del pensier)

5. (Joy) The boy grows a little each day. He is a weak child and is often sick, but the father is determined to raise the young boy to be a stout and hearty man. He hopes that one day the boy will follow in his footsteps as a traveler. The boy loves animals, and the vagabond entertains him by teaching him about the different animals of the world (Le Bestiare). Also, to keep him well-rounded, he teaches the boy about music and buys him a Mandolin (Mandoline). Finally, he has to teach the boy of women. He blames the mother for the boy’s poor health and boldly tells him to be careful of women. (A Woman is a Sometime Thing).

6. (Retribution) Once the boy is old enough. His father coaxes him in to traveling as he had done all his life. The poor young boy can’t handle the harsh lifestyle and quickly grows very sick. The father assumes that the boy will simply “toughen up” but one night the child has a strong fever and is having delusions while they are out in the forest camping. The father knows that he must get the boy back in to town to save his life. Carrying the boy, he speeds as quickly as possible to the nearest town… (Erlkonig)

Thank you to…

Dr. Alfonse Anderson for his support as a teacher and for this project.

Michelle Lee for working with my compositions and song repertoire.

Luana DeVol for her steadfast love for all of her students.

Marylou Elliot and Marilu Helix
for the reception.

David Warner for his beautiful cello work.

Jon Mancheni for working the projector.

Greg Barnaby for his fantastic painting.

David Casey for turning pages.

Haik, for everything else.